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Photo of the Beachcomber Motel
Photo of the Beachcomber Motel
Photo of the Beachcomber Motel
Photo of the Beachcomber Motel

Description of Beachcomber Motel: Regardless of the time of year, Manistique offers adventures accompanied by views. The Beachcomber Motel has long been a part of that tradition. Dedicated to helping guests get the most of stay.

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Traveler Reviews of Beachcomber Motel

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close call

Got to town late. Checked in at 10pm only to find a rundown motel. Outside of room full of spiderwebs (active) and inside smelled of smoke. Got our money back right away and ran . I would not recommend this place pictures are from a different era.

Not that great

When I walked into the office to check in I wanted to turn around and walk out. The carpet was stained and dirty, the desk and the wall behind the desk was cluttered and dirty. This motel has not had any upkeep in years. The bathroom tub and wall looked stained and the toilet leaked. The beds were not very comfortable. Found out after being out all day that they don't clean the rooms and give clean towels unless you ask for them. Continental breakfast was horrible coffee, hard day old donuts, packets of instant oatmeal. The stay was fine for just the two nights but wouldn't suggest this place for any long stays. I would think they should only be charging $25 per night.


Check in should have been a clue when we saw the condition of the office and "breakfast room". Our room had stained carpeting, a film covered both the sink and tub, and the beds were an absolute NIGHTMARE. We all awoke with back pain and sore muscles everywhere. No showers were taken, no teeth were brushed, and soxes stayed on all night in case one had to get up during the night to "walk" to the bathroom. No one slept well and we were all up and dressed and out of there before 7:00 AM. THINK TWICE before planning a stay here. There are plenty of other motels in the area. You would be wise to choose one of them!

Fantastic Place !!!

Best view in the UP. Easy going. Lots of my fishing buddies will stay nowhere else! This place is always full with down to earth folk. My room was great - over 100+ channels and HDTV.

Best Free Breakfast

Beachcomber Motel had the best free breakfast. I would stay here just for that alone. Donuts and Bagels were fresh - like just made fresh! The Boardwalk was beautiful.

My Favorate Stop

In the summer we'd stop at Beachcomber about once per month. Their food is great. Our children love the archade. Things are always changing. We love the boardwalk and swimming.
I agree with the other comment about this website being outdated with wrong information about the motel!!!

Contractor Place of the Year

Many construction contractors will refer eachother to the Beachcomber Motel. THEY HAVE A FULL KITCHEN THAT WE CAN USE! Beachcomber will do our laundry and cater to our needs, even free fax. The owners are very friendly and will go out of their way to make us feel at home. I don't know about those old outdated reviews, but in 2013 I feel this is the best place in the whole UP... They should put the more recient reviews on top- don't you think???


Beachcomber Motel
751 E. Lakeside Dr.
Manistique, MI 49854
PH: 906.341.2567
Beachcomber Management :)

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Beachcomber Motel Contact Information

Beachcomber Motel

Address of Beachcomber Motel
795 East Lakeshore Drive P.O. Box 3,
Manistique, Michigan
USA, 49854
Phone of Beachcomber Motel
(231) 436-8451
Toll-free phone of Beachcomber Motel
(800) 968-1383
Website of Beachcomber Motel
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