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Description of Lodge Keeper Inn: The property features in-room coffee makers, major credit cards accepted, pets OK, refrigerators, restaurant nearby, senior discounts.

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Traveler Reviews of Lodge Keeper Inn

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The desk help here are extremely rude!!!!!! They treat anyone walking through the door with distain and disrepect and speak to you like you are a 4 year old child. Their rooms are very unkept, dirty and the bathrooms have filth and mold in the corners. The carpet has an odor with nails poking through. The worse part of the "nail" issue is that they refuse to send someone to the room to hammer them back in! Any request is a "bother" and any request or question you might have is regarded as worthless.

I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone!

Best deal for $45, not bad at all

-I stayed here for almost a week in July 2010, and it wasn't bad at all:
-hey, for $45 a night u get good air, lots of cable/satellite channels, fridge, microwave, and free wireless broadband internet (encrypted w/key). Everything worked fine and no "nasties" in this room to complain about at all, contrary to kim's (previous) review. I'm about to book a few more days there right now, will review again afterwards...


I don't know what kim is talking about. The rooms are very clean, there is no mold!! The people are very nice. They let you bring pets and have wireless internet connection which is a plus. I'd def reccommend staying here!


I have no idea what kim was talking about in her post,but seems like she might have been one of the local rude people who aren't welcomed at certain motels in the area.Overall for the price you cant beat it.Rooms are clean and cozy with direct tv cable,free wireless in rooms,also got free coffee in the morning.Also I have stayed here a few times alone and with family,and not once have I HAD A ISSUE WITH ANYONE RUNNING THE PROPERTY.There always kind and courteous. RECOMMEND TO ANYONE

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Lodge Keeper Inn Contact Information

Lodge Keeper Inn

Address of Lodge Keeper Inn
29101 23 Mile Road,
New Baltimore, Michigan
USA, 48047
Phone of Lodge Keeper Inn
(586) 949-4520
Toll-free phone of Lodge Keeper Inn
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